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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who post these jobs/projects?
These jobs/projects are posted by real people as individuals or as representatives of certain companies looking for online writers.

Do I need to pay a fee in order to get a writing job?
No. It is always free to signup and apply/bid for jobs.

Do I need previous writing experience in order to apply?
Of course, having one is always an advantage. But for most jobs, no experience is required.

How do I get paid for completed jobs? had its own payment processing system. After receiving payment from the employer, you may have it deposited to your bank account, to your paypal account, or use the free debit card offered.

How do I know if I am hired?
You will be notified through your message inbox and through the email you used.

Do I have to work on a fixed schedule.
For most jobs, you may work on the project at anytime of the day or night as long as you can deliver the required output on or before the deadline set by the employer.

Do you guarantee earning or employment?
Unfortunately, we cannot. The chances of you being hired and earn depend entirely on your qualifications and efforts. But with the number of jobs/projects available everyday, the chance of getting the job you want is favorable.

How do I know that the project is not a scam?
The website has security system in place to protect its users, both the employers and freelancers. Still, beware of some users who make promises that are too good to be true. Over time, you will be keener to this kind of posts.